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Who thought it was a good idea to create a baby doll to commemorate President Obama? Apparently Ashton-Drake Galleries, a respected manufacturer of life-like dolls, porcelain figures and commemorative dolls of famous people like Lucille Ball, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama (as an adult) did and hired "Master Doll Artist" Linda Murray to make it a best-seller.

The Barack Obama doll, however, is discomfiting and, quite honestly, pretty creepy. It seems a disrespectful depiction of a president reminiscent of Lil' Bush, 2007-08’s satirical cartoon on Comedy Central.

The doll is really cute, though the price tag is $166.98. I just don’t want to have a picture of my president in a diaper — OK, a diaper covered in jean shorts — and T-shirt stuck in my head.
The product description says the doll is made for “adult collectors” and not recommended as a toy, although it’s made of vinyl. Reviews on have been less than stellar, averaging one star out of a possible five. Some reviewers even accused of taking down reviews because of a lack of positive feedback.

I’m not averse to satire and making fun of our political figures — it’s an American tradition; making a bobble head or funny action figure is all in good fun. I'm not even a big fan of Obama, but creating a lifelike baby doll of the president as a commemoration of the leader of the free world is misguided at best. To top the insult, it has a tag that reads, “Made in Kenya.”


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