The Fenn French income disclosure



Fenn French, candidate for State House District and the subject of a Gambit blog post earlier today, has filed his 2010 personal financial disclosure. And it's already available online.

Here's the document (24 page PDF), courtesy of the Louisiana Ethics Administration: EthicsDisclosureDownload-9.pdf

French also filed his 10-day-prior to primary campaign finance disclosure today. In the first month of his campaign, from September 13 to October 2, he received just over $20,000 in campaign contributions, including a $2,500 contribution from the Bobby Jindal campaign. French additionally loaned his campaign $25,000 of his own funds.

A special report shows that he got nearly $15,000 in contributions from October 2 until today. The French campaign reports $22,660.59 in campaign expenditures.

Meanwhile, French's opponent, Democratic incumbent Neil Abramson, reported more than $29,000 in contributions in September and the first two days of October. Abramson reports $24,000 in expenditures and a $3,000 loan repayment. He had $89,000 on hand at the beginning of the reporting period and $92,000 by the end.

A special report for October 3 through the present shows $14,000 in new Abramson contributions.

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