#Prayers4Rafa: Rafael Delgadillo says he forgives


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Rafael Delgadillo, the 29-year-old community activist who was shot in a Mid-City incident last month, was photographed by Dear New Orleans and filmed by Kelly Davis with Dyle Films following his recovery. A bullet is still lodged in his head, and he has lost much of his sight. Robert Fogerty visited him, writing Delgadillo describes his eyesight is "like a 1960s television." In the video, Delgadillo, with a Drew Brees jersey and partially shaved head, says he forgives his attackers:

If I had them face to face, I'd embrace them. I'd forgive them. ... If I sat here and complained and was bitter, it wouldn't do me any good. I've accepted what's happened, and I'll be OK with whatever the future is. ... I couldn't have got to where I'm at without the prayers and well wishes and thoughts. I haven't done this by myself, and I want to thank everybody I've ever met in my life. Everybody.


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