Loyola has a Quidditch team


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College is all about hangin' out in the quad and engaging in made-up sports ("hacky sack," "Ultimate Frisbee*"). Now, Loyola University (my alma mater) is home to everyone's favorite made-up sport: Quidditch.

For those of you who aren't knowledgeable about Harry Potter culture, Quidditch is a thing characters in the books play that's sort of like football among Wizard folks. In recent years many colleges and universities around the world have altered the sport for non-magical humans ("Muggles") who aren't fictional book characters and started teams that compete in tournaments. The International Quidditch Association encompasses more than 200 schools in America, including Louisiana State University.

If you're curious about how Liberal Arts School Quidditch goes down, check out the below video of the team at Vassar. It's amusing how they interpret the Snitch, which in the books is a magical object, but in real life is a "cross-country, agile, runner-type person."

*Please don't yell at me about how Ultimate Frisbee is a real sport, how you were on a team at your small, but exclusive, liberal arts college and how it was very serious. I was just joking.

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