Anyone who knows New Orleans City Council president Jackie Clarkson knows how proud she is of her daughter, the award-winning actress (and New Orleans-theater trained) Patricia Clarkson. But the longtime councilwoman is so proud of Patricia's new movie — a Lifetime original anthology titled Five — that Clarkson's office sent out a press release with Jackie's review of the project:

City Council President Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson attended the premiere of "Five" in New York City last week. After watching the short films, she said, "The Lifetime production "Five" is phenomenal. To have all these well-known, successful producers and actresses telling 5 different stories about women with breast cancer will bring a new level of awareness, hope, and courage to women everywhere. This will lead to more early detection, which can lead to cure. I'm so proud that Patricia is a part of it."

Also included was a snap of some of the cast and creative team, including Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and, of course, Patricia Clarkson.

An email from Jackie Clarksons office.
  • An email from Jackie Clarkson's office.

This week, Clarkson's Facebook wall also was a source of Patricia updates and information:


For more info on Five (which airs next Monday night on Lifetime), visit the website ... or just leave a comment on the city council president's Facebook wall, it seems.

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