Playboy Golf coming to New Orleans



For those of you who dream of cavorting amid Hugh Hefner's bevy of former strippers* at the Playboy Mansion but must settle for a less Entourage-esque existence in New Orleans, here's something that might interest you. You may have previously thought the closest you could get to those bunnies was through bathroom reading material and your girlfriend's DVR recordings of Kendra, but now the Playboy mansion comes to you: on Oct. 14, Stonebridge Golf Club in Gretna (the Los Angeles of the Greater New Orleans area) will be transformed into Hefner's sprawling domicile when it hosts Playboy Golf, which combines the networking sport with — you guessed it — sexy ladies! (Insert really creepy double entendres using golf terms here.)

The event also includes parties at Eiffel Society and Broussard's, plus an awards dinner/party at the golf club after the tournament. Also, for anyone who's pretty and doesn't mind being flirty with some business-drunk men in khakis: according to the website there's a casting call for Playboy Golf girls at the Metropolitan tomorrow from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Who knows — maybe you could be the next Kendra.

*[UPDATE: Playboy has asked us to remove the photos they provided because I unfairly characterized the Playmates as "former strippers." I apologize and have removed the photos, and I'm replacing them with images found on the Playboy Facebook page. Again, I apologize for the unfair characterization.]



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