It's National Coffee Day!



Thank you, stock photo website.
  • Thank you, stock photo website.
For us nine-to-fivers for whom coffee is our drug, every day is National Coffee Day. But today actually is National Coffee Day, and I feel it's my responsibility to make our readers aware of any made-up national day of distinction on which fast food restaurants give away free stuff (like National Pancake Day or National Doughnut Day).

The non-fast food local coffee chain PJ's — known for their delicious, cocaine-grade iced coffee — has a coupon on their Facebook page for a free cup of its Maple Street blend. National heart attack doughnut purveyor Krispy Kreme offers a free small cup of coffee today. Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts are not observing the holiday. Boo!

Enjoy the day, and remember that many insane ideas have come from over-caffeination. Drink responsibly.

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