Today in depressing NBA news



The NBA announced today that the lockout will affect training camp and preseason games

The Associated Press is reporting that the NBA lockout will result in the canceling of training camps and some exhibition games as the players and owners continue their labor stalemate.

The NBA, hell bent on making us forget just how incredible last season was, seems further away from a deal than they were when the lockout ended. Which is interesting considering that individual teams, like the Hornets, are hell bent on making sure we don't forget about them.

Enter the Hornets, who have secured over 9,000 season ticket buyers and who may be very obtaining a new, locally-based owner. This is should be exciting news for Hornets fans. Not only have locals not forgotten about how well the team played last season, it seems that they are also willing to back up that support with actually money.

The Hornets themselves have also been working as though its business as usual announcing a new group of Honeybees and a date set for auditions for the team's slam dunk team. Of course, the Hornets aren't ignoring the lockout entirely. The team recently announced that they would not only be refunding fans for their tickets if the lockout cancels regular season games, they'll be doing so with interest.

In the middle of all this, Chris Paul has gotten married, been rumored (again) to being courted by the New York Knicks and is, well, just generally being Chris Paul. All of which brings up the uncomfortable question about what exactly the Hornets are to do with their superstar point guard that everyone outside New Orleans is convinced he won't be staying in New Orleans.

Yes, there's nothing like the news that close to 10,000 fans who have put money down in the hopes to see the Hornets stay in New Orleans will have to wait indefinitely to see their team play, if at all, and when the team does return, the superstar point guard on which its success hinges may not be there anymore.

It's all just FAN-Tastic isn't it?

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