Tune-Yards to do in-store at Domino Sound Record Shack



Just before Tune-Yards (aka Merrill Garbus) — who our Noah Bonaparte Pais once accurately described as an "aboriginal Theresa Andersson" — leaves town after her Oct. 2 gig at One Eyed Jacks, she's stopping at the Esplanade Ridge record store Domino Sound Record Shack for a free, all-ages in-store performance at noon on Oct. 3. Not a bad deal, since her OEJ show is likely to sell out.

The follow-up to her low-fi 2009 record BiRd-BrAiNs (Garbus, whose stage name is sometimes written as tUnE-yArDs, seems to enjoy 90s AOL Instant Messenger stylization) w h o k i l l (again with the punctuation) is easily one of 2011's best albums. As opposed to her first record, which Garbus recorded solo with a voice recorder and a laptop, on w h o k i l l her one-woman repertoire of a loop pedal, ukelele, percussion and her own bellowing voice is supplemented by a group of musicians, including a horn section whose explosive fits augment the violent themes of the record.

Her video for "Bizness" is sweet, colorful and weird — in other words, quintessentially Tune-Yards.

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