Second line Sunday: Young Men Olympian Jr. 127th anniversary parade

The parade steps off Sept. 11 at 1 p.m.



YMO's 127th Year Anniversary (Short) Parade Sunday 1-3pm. (YMO's full 4 hour parade takes place Sunday, September 25th)

(route after the jump!)

Start: Melpomene and Carondelet. Out Melpomene to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Take MLK to S. Claiborne Ave. Left on Claiborne to Washington Avenue. Out Washington Ave. to LaSalle St. Left on LaSalle to Simon Bolivar Ave. Out Simon Bolivar to Jackson Avenue. Left on Jackson to South Liberty St. Right on South Liberty to Josephine St.

Disband: Home of Young Men Olympian Jr. Benevolent Association.

Dedicated to the memory of Bro. J.C. Jackson

Parade Chairmen:

Bro. Alfred "Bucket" Carter

Bro. Richard Martin, Sr.

Bro. Stephen Solomon, Sr.

Bro. Jerome Temple - Grand Marshall

Note: The YMO presents two parades annually. This, the first one, is the shorter of the two.


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