That Emeril movie, A House Divided? Total hoax



So the Internet was abuzz (very, very lightly, but still abuzz) this morning with the news that New Orleans' own Emeril Lagasse would be writing, directing and starring in in some atrocious-sounding drama called A House Divided. There was an image of a clearly Photoshopped poster, and an alleged press release, and, well, you be the judge of how real this sounds:

Shire Mountain Entertainment is proud to announce the 2012 theatrical film release of “A House Divided” a new romantic “dramady” written, directed and starring Celebrity Chef Phenomenon Emeril Lagasse. The film which centers around a family (The Bensons) going through a rough patch after losing a teenage son in a “random act of violence.” The film touches on issues as diverse as infidelity, abortion, religion, art and unemployment, all through the lens of wry humor and real heart. “A House Divided” also stars Cheryl Hines, Marc Maron and Timothy Hutton.

For some, the name Emeril Lagasse immediately congers up the image of “gourmet southern cuisine” along with his signature catch phrases and influence in the cooking community. But soon, the name Emeril Lagasse will be regarded as a new cinematic force to be reckoned with.

Uh, yeah. "Conger"-ed it up a little too far there. The press release also had some eyebrow-raising, leg-tugging "quotes" from purported co-stars Marc Maron (“I signed on because I said ‘F**K, at least I know the catering will be good!”) and a misspelled "Sheryl" Hines, star of Curb Your Enthusiasm ("As a directror [sic] he [Legasse] was great. And no he never asked me to 'kick it up a notch'"). In addition, a quick Google search doesn't show any other results for "Shire Mountain Entertainment," and the Internet Movie Database has no listing for the movie (much to the chagrin of Sandy Duncan fans).

Eater, the national food gossip site, fell for it (welcome to town, by the way!), but a quick call to Jeff Hinson at Emeril's Home Base confirmed the obvious: "I saw something about that this morning," Hinson said with a laugh, "but, no, there's no truth to it. Totally false."

So: no Emeril. But that godawful Gordon Ramsay romantic comedy Love's Kitchen? Now that one is real, and we highly recommend watching the trailer, because the reality is far funnier than the hoax:

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