Late-night baking in the Bywater



Shake Sugary in the Bywater

The nighttime looks like the right time for people to satisfy a sweet tooth in the Bywater this Saturday.

That’s when Shake Sugary, a new bakery along St. Claude Avenue, will be serving its muffins, macaroons, sweet rolls and assorted other temptations late into the evening.

Shake Sugary was started a few months back by local baker Dawn Snead and usually it’s open on Saturday and Sunday only, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. But lately, Snead has been opening for the monthly “second Saturday” gallery nights organized by the St. Claude Arts District (or, delightfully, SCAD). So while people are out gallery-hopping along the St. Claude arts scene they can duck in for a snack at Shake Sugary, which will be open from 9 p.m. to midnight.

A Saturday morning selection.

I’ve foraged a few extended breakfasts from the bakery after visiting the newly relocated Sankofa Farmers Market, which now sets up right next door on Saturday mornings (and which has a special market celebration planned for this Saturday with bands and cooking demos). The line-up of goods at Shake Sugary changes from week to week, but I’ve been relieved to always find Snead’s excellent maple bacon and sweet potato biscuit available.

“That’s our most popular item,” Snead confirms.

Bacon and sweet potato biscuit

Some other savories that turn up here include planks of focaccia bread and quiches, including a very hearty sausage quiche, and other items are gluten free. The shop serves coffee from the Bywater’s Try Me Mills.

While Shake Sugary is only open for weekends, you can also find some of Snead’s baked goods just down the street at another St. Claude spot, St. Coffee (2709 St. Claude Ave., 872-9798). This is a hip little coffee shop with a cool interior of re-purposed woodwork, strong brew and food from a host of other downtown suppliers, like donuts from Alois J. Binder Bakery and empanadas from the illusive food truck crew known as Empanada Intifada.

St. Coffee has been around since the spring, though it’s a little hard to spot. Keep your eyes peeled just downriver from the McDonald’s at the corner of Franklin Avenue, and look for the bike rack tricked out with old bike parts.

Shake Sugary
3600 St. Claude Ave., 355-9345

St. Coffee
2709 St. Claude Ave., 872-9798

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