Vitter to host Saints party rather than attend Obama jobs speech



Sen. David Vitter is a New Orleans Saints fan — and his fandom reached its apotheosis in this completely spontaneous image from the Vitter family's 2009 Christmas card, which was good enough to squirrel away for safekeeping:

This is not Photoshopped.
  • This is not Photoshopped.

(Did the Vitters ever upgrade from that 20-inch portable TV? Turn over the stacks of cups? Apologize to the mortified-looking girls in the back for making them do this?)

Anyway, Vitter is such a Black and Gold supporter that he sent out an email this morning to announce he would be skipping President Barack Obama's jobs speech in favor of watching the Saints-Packers season opener tomorrow night at his house in Metairie:

Some of my left-wing critics call me a fanatic. Well, they're certainly right that I'm a fan. And I set my priorities that way. I sent out the following comment on social media today:

"Will listen to President's speech carefully . . . from my priority area for job creation, Who Dat nation. Family and friends coming over for big game. On to recovery—and super bowl!"

See you at the Super Bowl, Mr. President!


Of course, a lot of folks will be skipping out on Obama's speech — but most of 'em don't send out email blasts to draw attention to the fact. Nor do they appear on Fox News to announce their game day party plans:

Think Progress cast doubt on the rationale:

The Saints open the National Football League season at 8:30 p.m. Thursday night. Obama’s speech is at 7 p.m., presumably leaving Vitter enough time to attend the speech and get to his office, a sports bar, or anywhere else with a TV without missing any of the game.

See you at the Super Bowl, Sen. Vitter!

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