Restaurant row grows on Freret



A deep dish pizza at the Midway

Organizers of the Freret Festival have called off tomorrow’s event in deference to the forecasted weather. The market will return Oct. 1. But there’s still bound to be plenty of action this weekend along Freret Street, where two more restaurants have recently joined the resurgent Uptown corridor’s new restaurant row.

The latest is the Midway, a Chicago-style deep dish pizza restaurant slated to open for the first time this evening, Sept. 2, at 5 p.m. The guys behind the Midway are Ben Sherman and Steve Watson, who also run the King Pin Bar. The Midway will serve lunch and dinner and late-night (until at least midnight) every day. Watson says the restaurant is serving a limited menu for now with just pizzas and salads, and the Midway’s bar is open and ready.

Local foodies likely know by now that the other new Freret addition, just one block down, is the Company Burger.

This stylish new burger joint is the work of Adam Biderman, a New Orleans native who recently moved back home after a culinary career in Atlanta where he was a chef at the widely-acclaimed Holeman & Finch Public House. At the Company Burger, which he opened two weeks ago, he’s replicating a specialty burger that attained cult status at Holeman & Finch. The example I tried recently (pictured below) showed he’s definitely onto something good here — the patties, slim but doubled up, had character and succulence in equal measure, and a dense, chewy bun held it all together.

The company burger at the Company Burger.

It’s worth noting that the Company Burger is in a building that used to house a Wagner’s Meat (all together now “You can’t beat. . .”), which seems appropriate enough, and also a fitness center and a yoga studio, which is just plain hilarious.

So even as the weather comes down, things are still perking up along Freret. In our feature story last month on Freret Street’s emerging restaurant row, we included a “Freret by the numbers” sidebar. Looks like it’s time for an update, so here it goes:

10 new bars and restaurants since 2009

5 so far in 2011

2 more announced with plans to open later in 2011
(a Japanese restaurant called Origami and a bar and music venue called Publiq House)

The Company Burger
4600 Freret St., 267-0320

The Midway
4725 Freret St., 322-2815

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