In New Orleans' latest attempt to kill all of us, smoke from a marsh fire in eastern New Orleans has engulfed the city in a thick, headachey haze. It's a bad day for our bodies and the environment, but a great day for Twitter, which is abuzz with marsh fire hashtags and old-timey photos of the haze. This whole incident seems pretty benign when seen through the filter of a simulated vintage photo.

But as we continue to waste our work days tweeting, Facebooking and Lockerz-ing about this thing, we should address a few questions about social networking protocol going forward:

- What's the correct hashtag for this situation? Simply #marshfire, or is it #smokepocalypse or #marshfirepocalypse? We all know that when a large percentage of a city's Twitter users are concerned about something, it's officially a -pocalypse.

- What Instagram filter is appropriate to use on your obligatory "this disgusting cancer smoke is engulfing the area in which my home/office is located!" shot? I, personally, think "sutro" is good for properly conveying the haziness ... but "hefe" is so cute!

- Can we start looking for marsh fire boyfriends?

Here's an iPhone video I took of the marsh fire smoke. Scary!!:

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