David Simon's keynote at Rising Tide 6



David Simon was one of the keynote speakers at yesterday's Rising Tide conference at Xavier University. I read Katy Reckdahl's recap at nola.com, which included this reference toward the end:

He alluded to a spat he had with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu several months ago about demolition of several blighted Central City buildings that Simon had hoped to save, if possible. During it, he said, Landrieu fingered him as an outsider.

Beg pardon, but it was a bit more than that ,,, Simon spent a good part of his speech excoriating Landrieu regarding the blight demolition debacle. Near as anyone can tell: Landrieu's office planned to demolish some blighted homes as a symbol of a promise kept; a group of preservationists, noting that the houses were used in Treme promotional materials, objected and asked Simon for help; and Simon/HBO sent a letter to the mayor about it, a letter which somehow didn't get read. And then stuff went nuclear and alpha-male. Anyway, a big-time TV producer saying the mayor "would throw anybody under the bus if the cameras were on" seems to be more than a spat, despite Simon's concluding disclaimer.

Watch it for yourself:

David Simon - Keynote Speaker, Rising Tide VI from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

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