Website commenter jerks: Not just a local phenomenon



The comments section on newspaper websites can be a cesspool of proud know-nothingism, gratuitous nastiness and flat-out racism (thankfully, our major local example of that has been much more diligent of late when it comes to getting rid of the worst stuff, though we still don't know how Jarvis DeBerry stands it). But pig-ignorant commenters on newspaper websites is not at all a local phenomenon, as evidenced by this Los Angeles Times story about the death of Treme actor Michael Showers.

Showers, whose body was found in the Mississippi River yesterday morning, was described by his girlfriend as having suffered from severe depression and anxiety, and Showers had been diagnosed recently with multiple sclerosis. Still, check out these comments from the hometown paper of the entertainment industry:




Yeah. So not a local phenomenon at all.

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