Rick's Cabaret's staff is hard at work




Gambit staff members occasionally have time to save you the trouble of reading Playboy and can point you to the good stuff (and here). But normally, we're busy offering up movie reviews and beauty tips and the like. Then earlier today, I stumbled on the website for Rick's Cabaret and realized we're almost in the same business. Did you know Rick's staff offers film and video game reviews as well as beauty tips? I recommend checking out the club's blog.

Should you see the new Conan the Barbarian? (Spoiler in case you're worried it's not safe for work: No, Jason Momoa was much better in Game of Thrones, and the Conan script is lame.)

Should you wear tinted moisturizer? Yes. But you have to do it right.

Will Rick's video reviewer go out on a limb with a big endorsement of Duke Nukem Forever?

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