Willem Alkema's Sly and the Family Stone film



Dutch filmmaker Willem Alkema's Coming Back for More is a very entertaining documentary about Sly Stone, aka Sylvester Stewart, leader of the late-1960s-early 1970s funk and soul band Sly and the Family Stone. Some of it is hilarious for goofy reasons. For example, the above trailer flashes a one-second scene of two Dutch brothers celebrating (1:42 mark). The trailer doesn't identify them, but they actually narrate a lot of material about Sly's personal life. They're dedicated fans who helped Alkema find Sly, who's been leading a reclusive existence since the mid-1970s. Distance might have been their biggest obstacle, since they all live in the Netherlands. Another filmmaker also shot footage for a documentary about Sly, and it appears to have much better interview material, but I haven't been able to find a release date for it. (Its trailer is after the jump.)

Alkema finally catches up with Sly, and that footage is priceless and surreal. It's also a little out of date. Sly released an album in August on Cleapatra records. It's only got three new songs on it, and he doesn't sound like he's totally on top of his game yet.

Coming Back for More screens at the CAC Tuesday at 7 p.m. Review here.

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