Why people root for the Saints ... according to the Internet



Flowchart created by Paul Caputo and Shea Lewis for Interpretation by Design

Going backwards: Who Dats have facial hair resembling Napoleon; would have a painful time losing their team; prefer sausages to salads; "can't unwedge [their] fat butt" from their seat to kick your tail; would not be proud if the face of the Saints were "a bunch of fat old jerks who got together to toast the failures of others every year"; don't care whether or not their team is dysfunctional or not; think Denver fans should get over John Elway; are afraid of clowns; don't long for the good 'ol days; can't get tickets till 2027; don't want to root for "really expensive busts every year"; don't "feel like a team should wait a few decades to see if it's leaving town before coming up with a logo (ed note: um...what?); would not rather be watching baseball; would "probably" root for "a despicable human being", win or lose; don't have to be reminded that the Saints play in New Orleans; and people probably already hate them anyway.

So...there you have it? Maybe flowcharts isn't the best way to describe the fan base of a historically moribund franchise that was able to stave off years of relocation rumors and a hurricane only to improbably win a Super Bowl in the middle of Mardi Gras season.

Good Dallas Cowboys joke, though.

(Chart via Deadspin)

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