Pepper spray, skateboards hate Lil Wayne


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Following a pepper spray incident in a Canadian nightclub, rapper Lil Wayne was cruising around St. Louis, Mo., via skateboard when he "busted (his) fuggin head at the sk8park!", he Twitter-ed. (No word on whether Wayne also is 2002 Avril Lavigne.)

Wayne was rushed to the hospital and received nine stitches, according to the very popular bathroom circular New York Daily News. Didn't know Wayne could skate? He doesn't wear Vans, the classic skate shoe, for nothing. Here's Wayne goofin' around (and busting his ass) with Corey Gunz (lyrics NSFW, you guys).

As far as the party-pooping pepper spray, the always reliable and ethically sound TMZ said (reported?) someone released it into the ventilation system before Wayne arrived, obviously as some sort of anti-rap terrorist plot to mildly injure and annoy a small group of people. In Canada. Crisis averted.

Wayne is midway through his post-"I Am Music" 2011 tour, stopping next in Kansas City, Mo., and ending in Honolulu at the end of September. No dates have been canceled despite his "gnarly gash," bro. RAD. Look for Tha Carter IV on Aug. 29, and download some free music here.

And here's the report from Fox 2 Now in St. Louis:



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