Fun with the Saints' 90-Man Roster


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Luckily for fans (and coaches) you can identify Saints players by the names on their helmets

The Saints announced their latest 90-man training camp roster and it's enough to make your head spin. It's all part of the madness that is training camp because, in less than three week, this list will be cut down by almost half. So how are we to make sense of it all?

Just looking at the list is a staggering endeavor. Did you know the Saints currently have more defensive backs (17) than offensive lineman (15)? That more than two-thirds (62) of players at training camp were acquired through free agency, and more than half of those (34) went undrafted this year?

Sure, these numbers are ultimately pointless, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to poke through them a bit.

For instance, if you look at player's home towns you see that the Saints represent 27 states and Washington D.C. The highest represented states are Texas (14), California (10) and Florida (9). (In case your wondering, the Saints have three players from Louisiana).

There are 67 universities represented from across the country. Surprisingly enough, the most players came from Tennessee (5) and Illinois (4). And we should point out that LSU has produced as many Saints players (1) as some places called Tiffin, Stillman and Bloomsburg.

If you go by position, the numbers get even crazier. Did you know that all four specialists (that is, kickers and long snappers) hail from Texas with two of them hailing from Southlake (which is also Chase Daniel's hometown)?

The Saints offensive line has just two players under 300 pounds, and overall the line's average weight is approximately 312 pounds. The defensive line is svelte by comparison with nine players registering at less than 300 pounds and the line average tipping the scales at around 290 pounds.

Speaking of weight, the largest Saint is (not surprisingly) defensive lineman Shaun Rogers who, at six-foot-five-inches tall, weighs in at a whopping 350 pounds. On the other end, the skinniest New Orleans player is undrafted free agent rookie Fabian Washington, who weighs 175 pounds. Washington is outweighed by even Darren Sproles (190 lbs), who is the shortest camp participant (5-feet, 6-inches) by a full two inches.

At 34 years, Pierson Prioleau and Olin Kreutz clock in as the oldest Saints with rookie Mark Ingram (21) representing the youngest player on the training camp roster. The median age for Saints players at camp? 25.8 years. Which, if anything, shows football is a young man's game (or that these numbers are skewed down because of all the rookies in camp).

Getting into even more meaningless statistics, the most popular last names start with B (10) with the least popular starting with O and V (1 each). Letters U, X, Y and Z began zero last names. The shortest name (in terms of letters) belongs to tackle Dan Gay (6) while the longest belong to linebacker Jonathan Casillas and cornerback Fabian Washington (16 apiece).

Finally, the amount of time spent compiling these figures? Way too much.


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