The Recipe Project's 'Music to Lose Customers by'



This Recipe Project video by the clever hipster band One Ring Zero offers plenty that you really don't want to see: calf brains being prepared and cooked, chefs dancing. That's not to say that chef Chris Cosentino's brains and eggs aren't delicious — maybe they are — but it's probably best to not think about what the dish looks like before it arrives as a pile of scrambled eggs with toast points.

One Ring Zero started its Recipe Project, soon to be issued as a book/cd combo, by setting Cosentino's recipe to music. One Ring founders Michael Hearst and Joshua Camp asked the chef what band should inspire the music that they would sing his recipe to, and he said the Beastie Boys. Sounds more like bouncy electronica, but I really like the verses about poaching and draining brains.

The book includes a John Besh recipe for shrimp remoulade, but the song version of the instructions is set to an upbeat but otherwise bland synthesized zydeco tune.

The book includes only a dozen recipes, and it's more focused on chatting with celebrity chef contributors: Mario Batali, Top Chef fixture Tom Colicchio, food writer Mark Kurlansky and others. One of the funnier extras is Momofuku-creator David Chang's playlist of "Songs to Lose Customers By." It includes The Kink's "Sweet Lady Genevieve," the Silver Jews' "The Wild Kindness," The Replacements' "Within Your Reach," Vetiver's "The Swimming Song," Pink Floyd's "Childhood's End" and others. The Recipe Project's song for Chang's "Maine Jonah Crab Claws with Yuzu Mayonnaise" is one of the better tunes on the cd. Michael Symon's Octopus Salad with Black-eyed Peas sounds like an Iron Maiden cover, though he professes to be a Van Halen fan.

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