Scenes from the 2011 Satchmo SecondLine



Even with the somewhat reduced temperature compared to most summers round this time in New Orleans, I was still sweating like a whore in church at Sunday's Satchmo second line - not that I’m complaining cause that was one fun little shake down we had out in there in the street.

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Three bands performed: Treme Brass Band with the ever colorful Grand Marshall Jennifer Jones leading the procession and Kenny Terry making his trumpet cry as only he can. Then there was the Baby Boyz Brass Band who continue to amaze me with their ever-mounting talents. They really command your attention and not like before when they were ‘awwww how cute’ young boys but because their super tight chops are now enhanced with a more pronounced confidence - nay, swagger. Rolling with the Baby Boyz were the too cute Million Dollar Baby Dolls (as opposed to the ‘I Only Got 8’ Baby Dolls - I’m kidding...)

Then there was the To Be Continued Brass Band bringing up the rear with members of The Sudan and the Undefeated Divas Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs and they had that FIYAH! The sidewalk was popping with footwork masters Eric Gordon of the Stooges Brass Band, Errol Marchand, and Chris (wearing the red pants) from Sudan. I swear, I could stare at them for hours without tiring - its like watching animated characters from the spirit world assholing, floating down the street.

Stay tuned for more BRC parade reports coming soon. We are T-3 weeks till the official second line season resumes!


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