Hey Bartender!

The newly-married, newly-roasted former Gov. Edwin Edwards will be pulling pints and pouring shots at Molly's at the Market Aug. 23.



Was it just last week I was saying the press should ignore Edwin Edwards? Uh, yeah. Well, it's going to be harder to do that since the ex-gov has agreed to guest-bartend at Molly's at the Market Aug. 23.

It's part of an event sponsored by the Press Club of New Orleans, which will be hosting a book club event earlier that evening with Edwards and his biographer, Leo Honeycutt, at Hermann-Grima House on the "St. Louis Strip" (820 St. Louis St.). Tickets are $10 for non-members, and will soon be on sale at the Press Club website.

I'll be at Molly's, pretending I didn't write "Seriously, y'all, would we be dancing like marionettes for Dave Treen or Buddy Roemer or the one who never even bothered with New Orleans, Mike Whatshisname? Is this really any more or less interesting than Paris Hilton?" ... and hoping EWE, or his lovely bride, doesn't slip something unpleasant into my drink.

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