RTA launches new website



The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority rolled out its new website this week — but what sounds like a minor PR push from the agency is instead an overhaul on the city's transit system.

Consider the former, almost unnavigable website: overlapping HTML on drop-down menus, outdated route information, infrequently updated news. Now the site has Google-powered maps for all of RTA's routes, including stop locations and whether they're wheelchair accessible, have shelter and have somewhere to sit. Not to mention the schedules, posted below each map.


It makes riding busses (which as of this year are all brand spankin' new) a little less anxiety-ridden, and you can point visitors and tourists to a better way to access streetcar times and stops — the website also is accessible on your mobile device. Just use the service locator to find the nearest bus or streetcar stop. The website's My RTA service keeps track of your routes and sends service alerts to your phone.

Here's an easier-to-read breakdown of rates and fares, and hey, there are PDF-download-free versions of RTA updates. Also, information on the RTA's "bike and ride" service, and how-to's for just about anything RTA-related.

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