New Orleans police auctions go the eBay route


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In the not-so-distant past, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has had big, big trouble securing its evidence and property rooms (remember when the Feds took an interest in the department's abilities?), but today the city has decided to go the eBay route by offering online auctions of its forfeited, seized, found and surplus property.

The city has made a deal with, an Internet auction site that partners with municipalities to conduct cybersales on all sorts of seized items. Like eBay, you bid against others online for a specified period of time, with high bid taking the prize. (Unlike eBay, "men's accessories" includes a large selection of knives ... and the "Steal of the Day" may have a double meaning.)

No word yet on when the NOPD schwag will go online (we've got a call in to Mayor Mitch Landrieu's office)*, but a press release says the city will be auctioning off 843 patrol cars, 18 fire trucks, more than 1,500 computers and 2,000 bicycles.

And remember that Bentley that was seized in May from the local bar owner who was delinquent on his sales taxes? That'll be there, too.

* EDITED TO ADD: Ryan Berni, a spokesman for Landrieu's office, says NOPD items should start showing up on Property Room "in the next few weeks."


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