Free felines at LA-SPCA this weekend


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This cat shown as example only. Models may vary. Not available in stores.
  • This cat shown as example only. Models may vary. Not available in stores.
My cat is a slightly-used model from the Louisiana SPCA in Algiers (and, to paraphrase Barbara Bush, it's been working out very well for both of us), so I was happy to hear that the SPCA would be having a cat and kitten sale this weekend. From Friday-Sunday only, you can get a cat with microchip, spay/neuter surgery, all its shots, a bag of food and other useful accessories for the low, low, low price of ... free.

They're givin' 'em away! How can they afford to do that? ...

... well, the truth is: they can't afford not to. The LA-SPCA is overflowing with cats and kittens at the moment, and a recent cat-sale event barely put a dent in the problem. So the shelter is looking for permanent homes for some of its felines and waiving the usual fee of $80 (though donations would be gratefully accepted). The usual background check will still apply, though, and renters should come prepared with a permission slip from their landlords. Dogs will also be available for adoption, of course, but the regular fees will not be waived.

The Louisiana SPCA is located at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. in Algiers (under the bridge).

Below are photos from the SPCA's last feline-centric event, supplied by volunteer Matthew Davis (not this Matthew Davis).






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