Second annual Virgin Queen pageant to crown new winner Thursday



Sophia Mia (center) won the 2010 Virgin Queen crown.
  • Sophia Mia (center) won the 2010 Virgin Queen crown.

By Lora Ghawaly

The second annual Virgin Queens competition features five straight men who will cross dress, dance and give their best diva impersonations for a panel of judges. Each man is a first time drag contestant and chose his own drag name, which “drag mamas” say reveals a lot their drag persona, which can range from trashy to glam to sweet.

Michael Martin, the event’s host and producer, says the winner will be the man most committed to his look. Last year, one contestant shaving off his eyebrows. Martin says the point of the show is to get people excited about drag again and is not just about how good each guy looks with breasts. The winner must have a great sense of theatricality, and be able to lip-synch and dance well, he adds.

Special guests at the event include Queerlesque and Vinsantos.

Judges for the competition include writer Jim Fitzmorris, burlesque star Bella Blue, last year’s winning drag mama Zsa Zsa d’Lahour and last year’s first runner-up Richard Mayer. The band Bleached Porcelain will be performing with Bowie-esque glam rock style.

The Virgin Queens show is 7 p.m. Thursday, July 28, at the AllWays Lounge. Tickets $15. There is an after party at La Peniche.

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