Alegria Fashion Show accepting applications from designers


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In 2009, designer John Delgadillo launched the first Alegria Fashion Show, a fundraiser for the Louisiana SPCA which also pitted up-and-coming designers against each other in a Project Runway-style competition. He's now accepting applications from designers who want to audition for the 2012 Alegria show.

Alegria creator John Delgadillo wants to see designers best work.

Designer auditions will be held Sunday, Sept. 18 in scheduled time blocks at The Bridge Lounge (1201 Magazine St., 299-1888). "I have a feeling we are going to have a larger turnout for the auditions this year than ever," Delgadillo says. "We want to get the word out so designers can get as prepared as possible and really bring it to the auditions this year." To reserve an audition spot, request an application from Delgadillo by emailing him at cuttingedgediva (at) or calling 626-354-8267.

Delgadillo says all auditioning designers must bring a completed application and three pieces of clothing they made themselves — so fire up those sergers! In addition to those required items, extra-motivated designers can bring other materials, including press clippings, design portfolios, story boards, models to showcase their designs, fabric swatches and sketches outlining the eight-piece collection they will design for Alegria if selected for the show.

Full disclosure: I was a judge at last year's Alegria, and I'm stoked to be a judge at the 2012 competition, too. The talent I've seen at Alegria over the past few years has increased exponentially, and I've been following last year's winner, Alicia Zenobia, with a great deal of interest. Her designs for Hemline hit the boutique this week, and they're on the cover of this month's CUE. If there's one thing 2011 has proved so far, it's that the abundance of fashion potential in New Orleans has only begun to be tapped. From fashion weeks to fashion bloggers, this is one stylin' city. Delgadillo hopes New Orleans will soon have another feather to add to its artistic cap: fashion mecca.

"I really believe if a few designers created good names and solid businesses based out of New Orleans, there would be a spot for this city on the fashion maps, and it would spur a new industry that would bring in a lot of money," Delgadillo said in a February interview for CUE. "There are a lot of young, fresh designers here, and we should be encouraging them to go on and become all they can be."


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