So... Abita in cans. Your thoughts?



Coming in 2012: Abita in cans. Good idea?
  • Coming in 2012: Abita in cans. Good idea?
Yep — starting next year, Amber, Purple Haze and Jockamo I.P.A. will be available in cans.

Abita president David Blossman explained the addition:

“You can take cans to the places we love in Louisiana where glass might not be convenient or allowed...parades, fishing, tubing, golfing, the beach. Louisiana is the Sportsman’s Paradise, Mardi Gras central and we’ve got the most dedicated tailgaters anywhere. We’ve made it even easier to bring Abita to the party, wherever it’s happening. Cans go where glass bottles sometimes cannot—think about Louisiana’s 3,000 miles of coastline, over 400 annual festivals, 194 golf courses and 22 state parks. It all adds up to plenty of good reasons to put Abita Beer in cans.”

Here's another one: I've had more skunked bottles of Abita than any other brand, and that's not Abita's fault; it's poor storage and likely the result of leaving beer cases in un-air conditioned rooms during the summer.

So: Abita in cans. Good idea, bad idea? Will you try it?

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