Big Easy Rollergirls battle Alabama's Raging Rockets



The Big Easy All Stars take on the Hard Knox All Stars
  • The Big Easy All Stars take on the Hard Knox All Stars

By Emily Jensen

It’s back to bad-ass business as usual for the Big Easy Rollergirls as the All-Stars take on the Dixie Derby Girls Raging Rockets of Huntsville, Ala., 7 p.m. Saturday at UNO.

More than 70 Big Easy Rollergirls from teams including the All-Stars and Wenches as well as league referees donned horned helmets and raged through downtown streets for Running of the NOLA Bulls July 9. The Rollergirls shift back into gear for derby competition. But the flat-track battling isn’t the only attraction.

“We celebrate bout day like people celebrate Mardi Gras,” says PR manager D'Aja Aguilar. The event features local food and drink vendors including NOLA Brewing, a black and gold theme, and a half-time dance party/dance-off with the Big Easy Rollers dancing on their skates. “It’s like hanging out on Frenchmen ... but with skates .... at UNO,” Aguilar says with a laugh.

Tickets $6-$12.

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