Treme shut out of Emmy nominations



Emmy voters completely ignored Treme this year.
  • Emmy voters completely ignored Treme this year.

You can quibble or argue all you want about Treme (and here's the place to do it), but it's indisputably one of the best-acted dramas on TV these days. Apparently the TV industry doesn't agree, though, as Treme got completely hosed at this morning's announcement of the 63rd annual Emmy Awards. (Last year it got only two noms.) Veteran TV reporter Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter called the omission "inexcusable."

With six actors nominated in each category, it's inexplicable how Melissa Leo and Khandi Alexander weren't both in the Best Actress in a Drama category, nor Wendell Pierce in Best Actor. And, I would argue, Phyllis Montana LeBlanc and possibly Elizabeth Ashley in the Best Supporting Actress category. (Check this article, "6 Emmy Nominations that Should Go to Treme, But Probably Won't," for more opinion.)

So: what explains a total shutout? Is the show too "inside baseball" for the tastemakers on the coasts? Is it simply not The Wire, so disgruntled David Simon fans have turned away? Or is Simon too much of a polarizing personality among the voters?

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