Katrina blah blah God's punishment blah blah Southern Decadence blah blah. Still.



We're nearly six years past Hurricane Katrina and the federal floods, but it seems we'll never be over the bizarre notion that "God sent" a hurricane to make landfall on the Mississippi coast in order to register His displeasure with Southern Decadence in the French Quarter, about 60 miles away.

The latest opportunist to remount this hobbyhorse is — surprise — a televangelist named Rick Joyner, who seems to have picked up Jim and Tammy Bakker's Heritage USA hotel for a steal and turned it into a conference center. In a sermon this week, the preacher (and Kenny Rogers doppelganger) claimed a U.S. Senator had phoned him specifically to ask if Katrina was "judgment from God." Of course it was:

A very gracious judgment — filled with grace! Katrina hit New Or-lee-anz the day before they were supposed to have that day of decadence.

That "day of decadence" went on anyway, with two parades staged by both gays and straights.

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