Ray Nagin's Katrina's Secrets: the Jon Stewart interview, and a first review



Former mayor Ray Nagin's Katrina's Secrets will be released tomorrow, but Oren Dorell of USA Today (along with Jon Stewart) got an early look, and his review is online this morning. Well, it's more summary than review, and there's not much in there we don't already know about the book, but give it a read:

The former TV executive, now working on disaster preparedness and green energy, recalls, "I had to keep pinching myself to remind myself that we were in the United States. I never would have thought that this could have happened."

The book covers the first 30 days after the storm. The outspoken Nagin says he chose to self-publish on CreateSpace, a division of Amazon.com, after contacts with publishers left him worried about the editing process, feeling uncertain "that my voice would come out at the end of the day."

Nagin will be having a press event in New Orleans Wednesday morning to dole out copies of Katrina's Secrets. In the meantime, if you missed his interview on last night's Daily Show With Jon Stewart, here it is. Three words: hair care products.

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