"Whole Foods Parking Lot" is the anti-"Walmart"



When Mr. Ghetto's "Walmart" went viral I thought someone should make a Whole Foods version, a paean to Baby Bjorn-wearing women who buy quinoa and use reusable grocery bags. Fog and Smog's "Whole Foods Parking Lot" is almost that, except more hyphy than bounce. The California-based collective's parody is a litany of First World Problems at a Los Angeles Whole Foods, starting with the parking lot (confrontations with other Hybrid-driving shoppers, clipboard-wielding solicitors from liberal nonprofits), spilling over into the store (they're out of Kombucha and your favorite small-dairy cheese). And there's this relatable line: "Yeah, I'm 'bout to check out/ Pay 80 bucks for six things and get the heck out."

While the New Orleans Whole Foods may be without the Greenpeace volunteers, I think the parking lot at Arabella Station has L.A.'s beat. That small and congested lot inspires the kind of rage not even a gallon of fair-trade herbal tea can cure.

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