Bananas Foster explodes, injuring four



Brennans Bananas Foster, prepared the non-explosive way.
  • Brennan's Bananas Foster, prepared the non-explosive way.
Leave the flaming dessert preparations to New Orleans and Paris. That would seem to be the takeaway from this incident in Palm Harbor, Fla. on Saturday night, when a server preparing Bananas Foster set off an explosion that injured four people (two of whom had to be flown for burn treatment). It happened at an oceanside restaurant named Ozona Blue and the injuries were pretty horrific:

When the 151-proof rum was poured on the concoction, the dessert was set on fire and flames splashed onto four patrons, she said.

The customer most severely burned in the incident at the restaurant at 125 Orange St., in the Ozona area, was a 25-year-old woman, who suffered first- and second-degree burns on her body, Monforti said. An off-duty firefighter tore off her clothes so her burns could be properly treated once firefighters arrived.

A 56-year-old woman sitting at the same table suffered respiratory burns, Monforti said. She and the 25-year-old were flown by helicopter to Tampa General Hospital as trauma patients, the spokeswoman said.

Note that the official Bananas Foster recipe from the Brennan's website doesn't mention 151 rum. Mind your desserts, people!

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