Rapture vs. The End of the World As We Know It



For those who believe this Saturday will bring the Rapture, as prophesized by Harold Camping, know this: The church that's doing all the Rapture-predicting hasn't exactly stopped making appointments after Friday at 5 p.m.:

Camping first inaccurately predicted the world would end in 1994. Even so, he has gathered even more followers — some who have given up their homes, entire life savings and their jobs because they believe the world is ending.

Esther, the receptionist in the Oakland office, said some of her most extreme coworkers have recently driven up in fancy cars or taken their families on nice vacations as a last hurrah.

But overall, she estimates about 80% of her coworkers don't even agree with Camping's May 21 forecast. She has stuck to her work as usual, booking appointments and filling up calendars for her coworkers well beyond the May 21 date.

Not encouraging. Anyway, if you're looking for something to do Saturday night 'round Rapture-time, check out this week's story by Alex Woodward — it's about the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association's plan for a "Left Behind" party this Saturday night in the French Quarter. Until then, occupy yourselves by discussing Who Did It Better — Blondie or R.E.M.?

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