What I learned from the "Wal-Mart" bounce video




The Internet once more turns its ear to New Orleans bounce.

In his "Wal-Mart" video, Mr. Ghetto offers relationship advice:

"Forget going to the club to meet someone new. When I wanna meet someone new, I go get me a basket and go walk around Wal-Mart. All the women be at Wal-Mart, y'heard me?"

Parents often list church and libraries in the "where to meet a nice girl" talk. Grocery stores are a wholesome addition. Let's meet Mr. Ghetto's new friends.

Mr. Ghetto invites us "Wally World," where we meet two women, members of the Shake Team, in the shortest of shorts shaking ass on shopping carts, the flip-flop rack, in the rugs and linens aisle, while eating a snack — and he is quick to list the pros of pursuing a woman in Wal-Mart (specifically, at the Tchoupitoulas Street location): the thrill of the store's lingerie section, feminine hygiene products ("She keep her body clean"), and Louisiana Purchase food stamp cards.

Mr. Ghetto's results? "She gave me her number in the checkout line."

Video after the jump.

Lauren LaBorde points out this is the latest video in the big box retailer bounce saga. Broadcasting live from the Home Depot on South Claiborne Avenue, here's Monsta Wit Da Fade's 2009 hit "Hammertime":

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