Second line Sunday: Divine Ladies Parade (UPDATED)



Sun., May 15, 1-5 p.m. "Strutting Like a Peacock Don't Hate Us Because We're Beautiful"

Divine Day 2011 parade dedicated to Barbara Ann Armstrong Jackson. Music by The HotHotHot!! 8 Brass Band. This year’s Divine parade colors: turquoise and ivory.

(route after the jump!)

Starting Like Always: St. Charles Avenue and Jackson Avenue. Proceed down St. Charles to Washington Avenue. Right on Washington to Baronne St.

Stop: Turning Point - Home of "We Are One S&P Club. Continue up Washington Ave. Right on Dryades St. to Second St.

Stop: Sportsmen's Corner - Home of Sportsmen's Ladies S&P Club. Proceed up Second to Danneel St. Left on Danneel St. to Washington Ave. Right on Washington Ave. Continue up Washington Ave. to LaSalle St.

Stop: Revolution S&P Club. Left on LaSalle St. Continue up LaSalle St. Right on Louisiana Ave. Proceed to Magnolia St. Left on Magnolia.

Stop: Silky's Lounge - Toast to the Kine & Royal Court. Right on Gen. Taylor. Continue on General Taylor to S. Claiborne Avenue. Right on S. Claiborne to Toledano St. Left on Toledano St.

Stop: Nine Times S&P Club. Out Toledano St. to S. Galvez St. Right on S. Galvez St. Sharp left on Washington Ave. Continue on Washington.

Disband: Tapp's II and Foxx's Lounge - Washington and S. Rocheblave

King 2011: Mr. Rene Reynolds
Mr. Divine 2011: Mr. Courtney Shelling

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