Tabasco, "Wasasco," and wasabi-flavored hot sauce



Its not Tabasco, its ... Wasasco.
  • It's not Tabasco, it's ... Wasasco.
It's just logical: Tabasco sauce already comes in chipotle, jalapeno, habanero, garlic pepper and Buffalo wing flavors —┬ánot to mention "Tabasco flavor." So why not... wasabi flavor?

Hold it, Cajun sushi fans. It doesn't exist — at least in America, and at least from Tabasco. According to this item from Rocket News 24, you'll have to go to Japan (the land of Asian Cafe Du Monde) to enjoy "Wasasco brand Wasabi pepper sauce" — or order it from Amazon.

Still, that Japanese bottle with the diamond on the label looks mighty familiar ... maybe the folks down on Avery Island might acknowledge that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and try a limited bottling of real wasabi Tabasco.

Do it before Crystal gets there first.

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