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You can pay to have a star named after someone (there probably are 1,000 names on any one star, but who cares, you’ve got a certificate of authenticity). I’m often amazed at the ideas people come up with to make money. With that in mind, I can’t believe no one thought of this before — leave it to the Scots.

You can now pay to load a memory card with whatever you want future generations to know about you (photos, music, text, genealogy), launch it into space in a time capsule and leave it there for space explorers to find.

The Little Rocket Company of Glasgow, Scotland, is offering a space time capsule program. Each buyer gets two memory cards, one to be kept by the buyer on Earth and the other to be sent into space in 2012 on a Russian commercial space flight. The memory cards will be placed on the Kronos-1 time capsule, which will be released into space between 800 to 1,200 kilometers from Earth.

The theory behind the program is that in the next few hundred years, the thousands of satellites orbiting in space will be reclaimed for recycling, including the Kronos-1. The Little Rocket Company likens its memory card time capsule to the old practice of throwing a message in a bottle into the sea for whomever might find it.

In addition to two memory cards (plus adaptor), each time capsule gift set includes a certificate, instruction booklet and mission stickers. The launch date hasn’t been set yet, but buyers can get updated information on the launch via the company’s website, where the launch will be streamed live and you will be able to download a video. The cost is about $57 (£34.95).

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