Second line Sunday: Original Big 7 15th anniversary parade



ORIGINAL BIG 7 15TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARADE SUNDAY, MAY 8 1-5pm (parade route after the jump)

Start: 3820 Alfred St. Fight Back Center (across from the old St. Bernard). Up St. Bernard.

Stop: 2132 St. Bernard Ave. (Sharella House). Continue up St. Bernard to N. Villere St. Left on N. Villere St. Up N. Villere to St. Anthony St. Right on St. Anthony St.

Stop: 1362 St. Anthony (the Porch 7th Ward Cultural Organization). Family Ties SAPC/6 't 9 SAPC. Up St. Anthony to Maris St. Left on Maris St. to Frenchmen St. Left on Frenchmen to N. Claiborne Ave. Left on N. Claiborne to St. Bernard Ave. Left on St. Bernard to Maris St.

Disband: Justine's Next Stop Lounge

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