Mitch Landrieu on 60 Minutes: the video


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Tonight's 60 Minutes profile of Mayor Mitch Landrieu ("Mitch Landrieu's Big Easy Challenge") by correspondent Byron Pitts was about all you can hope for as a politician, or as a defender of New Orleans: the story hit on some of the city's trouble points (blight, the murder rate) before quickly moving on to a portrait of the city that could have been approved by the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau. The city looked beautiful, and Landrieu energetic; Pitts seemed amazed that one mayor could simultaneously be a spreadsheet wonk and a guy who likes to get out in the streets and be as much of a regular Joe — or, as the mayor calls himself, a "street rat" — as possible.

See what you think. (If the video below isn't showing up for you, go here to watch it.)


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