Slate on the Mitch Landrieu/David Simon dustup



In today's Slate, the reliably excellent Justin Vogt takes a look at "David Simon's strange spat with Mayor Mitch Landrieu" in a good summation of the entire house-demolishin', unopened-letter-claimin', imbroglio. It's an interesting read, with Vogt calling Landrieu "a talented, popular politician who nonetheless is prone to being defensive and a bit thin-skinned" and Treme creator Simon "an artist who had gone out of his way to avoid offending New Orleanian sensibilities (and vanities), who had asked forgiveness for any of his narrative transgressions, whose production had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for various charities in the city — was cast as just another Yankee outsider who didn't get it."

One thing Vogt didn't mention is that show producers Simon and Eric Overmyer will be honored as Ambassadors of New Orleans Music next Monday at Gambit's Big Easy Awards, and the man scheduled to present Simon with his award is ... Landrieu. We're predicting a very public rapprochement.

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