Nicolas Cage's wild night at Stella! in the French Quarter



Nicolas Cage's arrest early Saturday morning was only the most recent French Quarter fracas for the film star. Just weeks ago — around Mardi Gras — he had been escorted from Scott Boswell's restaurant Stella! by the New Orleans Police Department, for reasons that were never made entirely clear to the public.

Now, though, a fellow diner is telling the story from his perspective — and it's Jim Nelson, the editor of GQ magazine:

He stood at the entrance of the room, clutching the hostess stand for balance, and glared out at the diners. The entire place went stone silent. He moved, stumbled, came closer to our tables.

"Where's the REAL girls?" he moaned.

Huh? A few more paces. He's a foot away from my andouille sausage. Quick. Someone feed him.


He spotted them in the corner, and moved toward them like a drugged Sasquatch. The room seemed to sway like an uncertain boat. The two ladies, alas, had manly company at the table. This did not dissuade Cage.

"You." He pointed at the brunette. "You're a contender." He turned to the blonde. "You're not."

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