Second line Sunday: Ole & Nu Style Fellas & WestBank Super Sunday



(info for both parades after the jump!)

Ole & Nu Style Fellas Sunday, April 17 at 2-5pm

(parade begins later today due to the Crescent City Classic Marathon)

Start: 919 N. Claiborne Ave. - Jackie & George 
Up Claiborne, Right on Orleans, Right on N.Galvez, Left on St. Bernard, Right on N. Tonti, Right on A.P. Tureaud

Stop: 2222 A.P. Tureaud - Dumaine St. Gang
 Up A.P. Tureaud, Left on St. Bernard

Stop: Justine's Lounge - Men & Women of Unity
 Up St. Bernard, Right on N. Rampart, Right on Barracks

Stop: Lil People's - Revolution SA&PC 
Up Barracks, Left on Marais, Right on Ursuline, Left on N. Robertson

Stop: Candlelight Lounge - Dumaine Ladies 
Up N. Robertson, Right on Dumaine, Right on N. Derbigny, Right on St. Phillip, Right on N. Claiborne

Disband: 919 N. Claiborne Ave. 
Jackie & George

King: Willie Mackie, Jr.
Queen: Patrice Gordon

WestBank Super Sunday Sunday, April 17 at 1:00pm

Start: Ptolemy and LeBouef, Algiers; Up L.B.Landry, Left on Newton Street, Left on Teche, Left on Lamarque, Back to L.B.Landry

Disband: FOX park
1200 L.B.Landry, between the SPCA and Landry High School

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