NYMag.com highlights two NOLA pasta dishes, misses at least one



Screengrap taken from NYMag.com
  • Screengrap taken from NYMag.com

If you head over to New York Magazine's Grub Street, you'll find a pasta-lover's dream: 101 pictures of "the 101 best bowls out there".

Per the slideshow introduction:

To assemble the list, we put our Grub Street editors around the country on the case. Then, we reached out to chefs, critics, and food lovers whom we knew around the country — from Ruth Reichl telling us about an amazing "tangle of flavors" served in Manhattan to a restaurant critic in Nebraska praising an outrageous off-menu pasta dish in the tiny town of Firth. (Michael Ruhlman, Eric Ripert, Ludo Lefebvre and Emeril are also on our all-star panel.) We didn't want to limit ourselves only to high-end, truffle-topped luxury noodles, either. This, we decided, would be a list where outstanding penne alla vodka could sit side-by-side with truffled tajarin; simple spaghetti pomodoro would be next to pork-cheek-stuffed ravioli.

Two New Orleans restaurants got recognition on the list for their pasta plates. The first (picture above) is A Mano's "goat ragu" and the second is August's "gnocchi with blue crab and perigord truffle". Both dishes look incredible and will be added to my "must eat" list pronto.

Unfortunately, those were the only two New Orleans dishes that were featured and, by my count, there is one notable exception: Herbsaint's "handmade spaghetti with pancetta topped with fried-poached farm egg". Seriously, that plate is pasta heaven.

What are your thoughts? Who has the best pasta bowl in NOLA?

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