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Do you have a friend who cannot seem to put down their phone, even when you go out for drinks or dinner? Are you that person? If you could just keep the phone silent long enough to engage in some scintillating conversation or pithy parlays on current events, you might get some quality time.

Well, Uncommon Goods has the answer — for just $15 a shot. It’s a “phonekerchief” — not very pretty or fashionable, but effective. It’s a silver-gray colored nylon cloth (it loses points for being made in China) composed of 55 percent silver fibers that, when wrapped tightly around a cellphone, block incoming calls and texts. It says “My Phone Is Off for You,” (brownie points for being printed in the U.S.), making the user’s sacrifice obnoxiously visible.

Sure, you could just turn off the phone, but that’s probably not going to happen, so this is Plan B. (Tiny steps for techies.) If it requires these measures to get face-to-face vocal communication going, then you (or your cellphone-separation-anxiety-riddled friend) deserve to pay $15 for something you could have for free by holding down the off button.

If it’s a must-have item for you, you can get it here. I’m considering ordering three.

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