Scenes from the Revolution of 2011



The Revolution is one of my favorite parading clubs for the simple fact that on the buckjump front, every last one of these brothers WORKS. IT. OUT. They even managed somehow to find the one White boy in New Orleans with footwork galore. Do not sleep on ‘Jon B‘ cause does the damn thing. Plus the club always parades in the most interesting if not gorgeous suits and shoes and hats and canes and fans. I’m feeling the whole Scarface black with silver pinstripe suits ala AK 47-swinging Ray Nagin - but without the asshole-ishness that made you wanna put your foot up his ass.

Other famous faces coming out the door include Joe Blakk, club founder and famous tax man about town, Ms. Barbara Lacen Keller, founder of The Lady Buckjumpers Social Aid and Pleasure Club and assistant to Councilwoman Head of District B, and Indi CNN Doll from the Divine Ladies SA&PC with the glam eyes and runway poses.


The youth are the stars of this video, holding it down in suits and on the footwork front, along with the guy dancing on the billboard whom the second line community has dubbed ‘Bin Laden’. Every time I see him I always think of Rabbi Moshe from my former shul in West Hollywood who loved the sound of his own voice more than his students did and ALWAYS had crumbs in his beard which meant you found yourself simultaneously looking at then away from his mouth. And then dude is always dancing on top of somebody’s billboard or house just like Fiddler on the Roof which is why I personally believe he’s really Jewish rather than Muslim. Whatever he is, he’s definitely representing upinchere for the ancient tribes of the Middle East.

Ahhh...The Revolution - something (or someone) for everyone. As it should be.

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